OK, bad news first: The Apple iPhone does NOT support 3rd party software so far.
The only way to get cool stuff into this tasty gadget is by playing it as a video or audio file.
Hence: iVirtuaGirl is a hyper-realistic video file produced to pretend a stripper is coming to visit you on your iPhone.
Once iVirtuaGirl is part of your video collection on your iPhone you’re ready to show off anytime anywhere.


  1) Synchronizing iVirtuaGirl

Right click on the link above, choose "Save As" and download the video.
Double-click on it. iTunes will open and play it.
Put your iPhone in the cradle until above sync window shows up.
Go to the video tab.
Check the box that says iVirtuaGirl_VickyS .
Sync your iPhone.

2) Performing iVirtuaGirl

Click the home button on your iPhone.
Click the iPod button (bottom right).
Hit “videos”. Select iVirtuaGirl_VickyS.
You’ll be playing a video.
You’ll see a fake home screen (all part of the video) for 5 seconds. Now is a good time to show the screen and tell someone that this thing is voice activated by saying “Stripper”.
Once your victim yells “Stripper” the show starts.




Get More Girls

This is brought to you by VirtuaGirl, a cool software featuring beautifull girls living and stripping to your computer's desktop.

Click on the screen to check it out.


More about Vicky S.

The girl performing on your iPhone is named Vicky S. She is one of the hundreds of strippers performing for VirtuaGirl.

Click on the right to go check her profile and download her on your desktop.


If you’re new to loading stuff onto an iPod or iPhone go here: http://www.apple.com/support/iphone
All rights reserved - VirtuaGirl is a Registered Trademark